Connie Gayle

Connie Gayle Skincare

2000 S Beretania St # D, Honolulu, HI 96826

P: (808) 947-9777
C: (808) 554-7922


Connie Gayle Beauty center

Connie Gayle, a R.N. nurse and cosmetologist, is one of Hawaii's most established names in beauty.  Based on her medical background, and over 25 years of extensive research in Europe and the USA, Connie has developed a proprietary line of skincare products to pamper and nourish all skin types.

Based on traditional Hawaiian treatments, passed down through the generations, Connie's product contain natural island botanicals.  Oil of orchid combined with collagen, encourages skin renewal and helps to retain the skin's natural moisture balance.  Seaweed, kukui nut oil, cucumber extracts, and a secret blend of papaya and modern elastin help to cleanse and improve the skin's color, texture and tone.